Kowledge transfer

Our other branch of activity is knowledge transfer and information management - "know-how." We are engaged by leading companies and organizations in various pipeline system applications to produce manuals and instructions on regulations and procedures in the construction of for example, medical gas distribution facilities.

We work actively in national and international standardization bodies and try to be at the forefront of knowledge about pipes, pipeline systems and distribution facilities. We are then enabled to pass on that knowledge to our customers through high-tech distribution systems. As well as giving advice in our specialist area. We cooperate with, among others, Linde Healthcare, as well as several of the leading pipe and pipe parts wholesalers in the Nordics such as Ahlsell, Dahl and Solar, among others, to give our customers and partners the best possible service and the best possible products.

Amon's Quality Management System has been reviewed and certified by the notified body, DNV Product Assurance AS, and is in accordance with the requirements set according to SS-EN ISO 13485:2016. Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes. The quality management system includes: "Degreasing of products for medical applications, food and industrial use, as well as imparting knowledge of central medical gas plants and industrial applications of clean pipe systems."


LPDS - "Logical Process Documentation System"

A unique, customer order-specific, QR-coded LPDS certificate and LPDS QR coded labels are affixed to each and every part, of every shipment of SAMedical® medical gas pipes and fittings for product identification and to facilitate documentation. The system enables our customers to access specific certificates for specific shipments, in order to fully document, service, maintenance and changes in their installations. Traceability is a requirement in medical gas facilities and is becoming increasingly essential when addressing tomorrow's MDR.